Virtual Sounds and Virtual Spaces to support Persons with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities during Information Retrieval, Rehabilitation and Learning

Publication of 2007 jul 28 – CVHI 2007

Several web sites and e-learning platforms require the access to graphs that carry significant meanings. Understanding and perceiving the graph of a mathematical function is important but very hard for a blind user who studies mathematics. And the same happens if a cartographic representation has to be read learning geography. The paper presents an innovative solution that allows an haptic and aural exploration of the graphs of a mathematical function. The application starts from a Latex file that describes the function and its domain and uses a very cheap device connected to the audio output of the PC (AudioTactâ„¢). Preliminary experiments show that blind users can improve their graph exploration capability obtaining a better mental image of the graph. The proposed solution and the architecture of the described system allow the exploration of graph generated for
other applicative domains (i.e. statistical or historical data).