I translate from English into Italian and Russian into Italian.

I translate documents related to the following applicative domains:


Software Localization

Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Localization and User Manuals


Patents and Engineering

Patents for Telecommunications, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering


Graphic Arts Industry

Graphic Arts, Printing, Publishing, Software Prepress



Pharmaceutical Formulation and Production Processes. Medical Software and Manuals.

Billing is by word, with a Text Analysis performed on a Translation Memory (100% Match, 99-40% Fuzzy, 40-15% Fuzzy, No Match).

Managed formats: All common formats, including Quark Xpress, Adobe Framemaker, AutoCad DWG.
CAT Tools used: Deja Vu X3, SDL Trados 2011 – 2017, memoQ, Passolo, Catalyst 10

  1. 1991 – Translations for technical tenders for AT&T Italy (Telecommunications and Network Equipment)
  2. 1991 – present day: Disc and Barco Graphics now Esko Artwork (Belgium) – Translation of technical manuals: all software products, RIPs, user manuals of hardware (plotters, converting machines). Products translated: DeskPack, FlexRip, ArtiosCAD, BackStage, Plato, Kaleidoscope
  3. 1991 – present day: Translation of Marketing communications for Barco Graphics / EskoArtwork
  4. 1998: Translations of operator manuals for medical equipment, General Electrics Medical (MRI/CT scan units)
  5. 2000 – present day: Marketing communications for major players in the graphic arts industry: Presstek, HP Indigo, GBC, Gradual Software, X-Rite, Gandinnovations.
  6. 2000 – present day: Translation of user manuals for GBC (finishing machines)
  7. 2000 – present day: Translations for Esko Kongsberg (Cutting Tables Operator Manuals)
  8. 2000 – present day: Translation of technical manuals for Presstek (operator manuals for press machines)
  9. 2000 – 2008: Translations of ArtiosCAD User Manuals for Esko USA (since version 5)
  10. 2006 – present day: Translations of patents for Modiano Patent Attorney, Milan (customers: Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Philips).
  11. 2006 – translations for Moscow Nautical Trade Fair
  12. 2008 – present day: Translations for Yamagata Europe, Translation Agency based in Belgium specialized in software localization and technical documentation
  13. 2008 – present day: Translations for Sparkling Lengua, translation agency based in Belgium, specialized in Marketing Communications
  14. 2014 – present day: Translation, Proofreading and terminology revision in the field of Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medical patents.
  15. 2016 – present day: Technical Translations in the field of Mechanical Engineering for Translation By Design, Pacific Grove, CA, USA
  16. 2016 – present day: Technical Translations in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Paper Converting for CP Gauger Documentation, West Allis, WI, USA
  17. 2016 – present day: Translations for Medical devices (ECG monitor, cardiac data management system) for CP Gauger Documentation, West Allis, WI, USA
  18. 2016 – present day: Translation for Working Machines (Vacuum Elevators, Earth Movers) for Sebastian Lantos LLC, Tulsa, OK